Why You Should Study Abroad

I am sure you have been told by many people that you have to study abroad while you are in college. I had always been told it was an amazing experience, and I thought it would be a lot of fun. I never thought I would have enough time, until one day when I was sitting in one of my communications classes and a professor and her student came into my class to talk about their study abroad program in Seville, Spain. After hearing about the program, I called my parents and told them I was going to sign up to see what the hype was all about.

After attending a few meetings and filling out lots of paper work I was finally set to embark on the best journey of my entire life thus far. I traveled to Seville, Spain with ten other classmates and two amazing professors. While in Spain, I took two public relations classes and was able to visit eight different organizations and hear about their public relations strategies. I learned so many new techniques and was introduced to organizations I never even knew existed.

For the month I was in Spain, I stayed with an amazing host family along with three of my classmates. My host family helped me with my Spanish and even taught me new words and sayings. They cooked us authentic Spanish food that was delicious and exciting to try! Every morning I would wake up felt like a dream, it was the most beautiful city I had ever seen.

While I was in Spain, I was able to try lots of new foods along with experience all of the local venues in the city. I toured the oldest buildings in the city and even went to the highest lookout points. My group traveled on the weekends to different cities, and we even got to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Portugal.

When I say that studying abroad was the best experience of my entire life, I am not exaggerating. I met so many new people and gained lots of new friendships. I was immersed into a different culture and was able to experience the true Spanish lifestyle. If you are even considering studying abroad, I am here to tell you to do it! I promise you will not regret that decision. In order for us to appreciate this world, we have to experience this world.