Why Redheads Are the Best

Redheads are the best. Period. Growing up with red hair, I always felt like I stood out; which I did being one of the few redheads in my school. In recent years I’ve happened to meet more and more redheads and they typically are the coolest people to live on this planet. Aside from the fact that redheads are visually stunning, there are so many reasons that make them the most unique, fabulous people on this earth.


The Cute Boys

Ron Weasley, Archie Andrews and Prince Harry. Need I say more? Shout out to J.K. Rowling and all she has done for the redhead community.  Something about those fiery wisps is so intriguing and attractive. Also, men with red hair are 54% less likely to develop prostate cancer; a health benefit on top of a beautiful head of hair.


High Pain Tolerance

It turns out that redheads have a higher pain tolerance due to some of the pigmentation of our skin. They are also less accepting of anesthesia, so make sure to discuss that with your doctor if you’re a redhead going under the knife.


We are Rare

Redheads today make up less than 2% of the population (although in Scotland its almost 13%). It turns out that the red hair gene is recessive, which is why we are so unique.


There is an Official Redhead Day

Evidently there is a two-day celebration in the Netherlands at the beginning of September every year to honor natural redheads. Finally; getting the praise we deserve!


We Never Get Lost in a Crowd

My best friend can spot me from miles away. Usually because I have somehow accidentally made myself the center of attention, but also because of my red hair. Red hair is pretty hard to miss, especially in the south when 150% of girls are blonde.