Where to Get a European Wardrobe for the New Semester

One of the things I miss from living in Europe is going to European retail stores. The U.S. has many great places to buy clothes, but most of you would agree with me that it is a different style. That’s why I had to get used to buying online from European retail stores that sell in the U.S., and it has worked out great for me. Here are my favorite websites where you can find great new outfits for the upcoming college year...


Most of you probably know ZARA already. It has stores in LA, Washington D.C., New York and Boston, but for those of us who don’t live close to one of the stores, ordering online is a great option. Prices are a little expensive (more than in Europe) but make sure you check the TRF section for lower prices. My recommendation is that you wait until the European sales in summer and winter, when you can get great deals. Usually this happens around the end of June and beginning of July for the summer sales, and January for the winter sales, lasting a couple of months. And if you like Zara, you should also check Zara Home for house decoration and textiles. Zara Home has free shipping for the U.S. and the same summer and winter sales.


Mango is also a great option. It’s probably more classic than Zara, but it’s great for finding internship clothes and some timeless elements that will make you look elegant. Mango is, in general, more expensive than Zara, but it also has some great deals on summer and winter sales. 


If Mango is a little expensive for you, make sure you check out Mango Outlet. This is a section of Mango where they have clothes from last season for a cheaper price, but still full of great options. It is also great for finding internship or first job outfits that will look elegant and classy. 


And the last one is ASOS, a British online store full of original pieces. If you want something in particular, chances are you will find it here. The price range is big and also follows the European sales calendar. Here you can find different brands, including some European brands such as Pull and Bear or Bourjois, that are hard (or impossible) to find in the U.S. If you are looking for something different, something specific or you just enjoy looking at thousands of options for clothing, make sure you check out this webpage. It won’t disappoint you.