What You’ll Miss About Auburn This Summer

As finals week looms ahread, you most likely have entered into a love-hate relationship with Auburn. Completely understandable. But before you go cursing your final papers and assignments, take a quick moment to appreciate the convienences and charm that Auburn has before you head back home for summer. 
Being Close to Everything
As much as I hate to loosely define “everything”, I’ll try to narrow it down. First and foremost, your friends. For the next three or so months, you best buds will no longer be next door or as close as a quick jaunt across the Quad. At home you may actually have to drive to their residences, the horror. In addition to this, your fitness centers, doctors, and tranquil tanning spaces will be further away or hard to come by. But what about food? You’ll likely have home cooked meals and whatever happens to be in your family’s free-for-all fridge, but the very specific freedom of having Auburn’s dining facilities at your fingertips (also known as a mall food court) will be all but lost until August. No longer will you be able to stumble out of your dorm (because you’re tired or something along those lines…) at odd hours of the day and chow down on Chick-fil-a to your heart’s content. Or buy four boxes of Bagel Bites and consume all but three bites (which if you do, you have incredible willpower). 
Dining Dollars
In the same vein as foods and snacks, Auburn’s dining dollars will surely be missed. Regardless of whether you have the $300 or $995 meal plan, seemingly endless (well, at least until “low balance” pops up on the register) funds for chicken biscuits, Starbucks, and slushies are a blissful avoidance tactic until the real world of budgets and bills comes crashing down. How easy it is to swipe and snack when your card isn’t attached to your checking account. 
Your Social Life
While a night in with Netflix and your good friends can be an event within itself, Auburn’s downtown is staple for the university’s social butterflies. If you’re originally from the suburbs, hanging out anywhere that isn’t that mall or a Wendy's can be a challenge. If you’re lucky, perhaps you live close to a metropolitan area where you can escape for a day trip or the weekend. If not, I don’t know what to tell you (except invest in “Cards Against Humanity”). 
You may be rolling your eyes and thinking that this is the most saccharin thing to note on this list, but it’s true. I think it’s safe to say that Aubie is Auburn’s equivalent of Mickey Mouse. Outside of game days and Jordan-Hare, catching a glimpse of orange and black on the concourse is enough to make you stop in your tracks. Getting a picture with this campus celebrity is not only grounds for bragging, but also a rite of passage. So unless you live in Orlando (or Times Square with those creepy knockoffs), you’ll have to wait for fall to hang with our beloved Aubie again.