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What If We Had 100% Confidence in Ourselves?

I have a test on Tuesday, and I need help. I know this guy in my class, but I haven’t talked to him since last year. Do I text him and ask for help? That is what my mom would tell me to do. I know it would help, but what if he thinks I like him? That would be so weird…I just need help! What if he thinks my questions are dumb? What if he doesn’t have time, and it’s super awkward when I see him next?

Wait a second….why am I thinking like this? Just send the freaking text!

My generation (Gen Z) has been under careful watch recently due to our extremely high rates of anxiety, depression and suicide. Researchers have been trying to pinpoint what has triggered this recent, unhealthy spike in negative emotions surrounding this generation of girls. We have all heard the social media speech preaching how platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are tearing us down picture by picture as we look at everyone else’s “highlight reel” and wonder why our lives don’t look as glamorous and happy as theirs. It encourages constant comparison and approval from others via likes and comments. Since when did we need others to validate how much we love our OWN life? A vicious cycle of keeping up with the Joneses and making sure that your own life looks as great in front of people as everyone else’s does. This leaves people feeling discontent, unhappy and searching for fulfillment they will never find through material objects or certain circumstances.

“When I get THIS… I will be happy”

“When I have a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse”

“When I figure out this”

“When I have this job”

“After I take this test”

“Once I am on this vacation”

“When I get my life together”

These things come and go and when they do go, you’re onto the next big thing. It seems as if once people recognize this unhealthy cycle, the new goal shifts to inner peace and contentment with where you are in life and not what else you can have to fulfill the next gap. But how do you achieve contentment? What if I told you we already had what we needed to be 100% confident and content with our daily lives?

Take a deep breathe. Think about it. What if you just simply enjoyed today forgetting about what you look like and didn’t care about what others thought? What if you focused on feeling grateful for the friends, family and experiences you ALREADY have. Put your problems in perspective. What is causing you stress? What is causing you anxiety? Are these things worth getting stressed about or are they going to eventually work themselves out? Your life has so much potential but it is up to you to make confident decisions and make things happen for yourself. The world doesn’t owe you anything. Work hard for what you want. Leave the fear of failure behind you. Who could you be friends with or even date? What would life look like if we all had 100% confidence?

Claire is a sophomore from Winter Park, FL studying Pre-Dietetics at Auburn University.
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