What I Would Tell My Freshman Self

Sooooo many things I would change... Or would I? We can all look back on our college years and find a handful of lessons we wished we’d learned the easy way. Here’s a few of mine: 


Get Involved 

There’s nothing like coming down to the last weeks of classes and just now meeting some awesome people. I wish I could turn back time and branch out sooner! 

Stick With Your Commitments...

Whatever they may be. I can honestly say that the projects, groups and courses that I have been dedicated to from day 1 have been the most rewarding.

Call Home! 

Absence makes the heart grow fonder! You may not know it as a freshman, but those daily FaceTimes with your family are going to get you across that finish line one day! Take advantage of your support system! 

Have Fun

This is the one chunk of your life when you have freedom, use it!! Don’t abuse it! You’ll blink and be in an office one day, so live it up. Go on trips, be spontaneous, eat brownie batter, DANCE! Just have fun. 

Learn From Your Teachers

No, I don’t mean just going to class. Go to their office hours. Ask questions. They care more than you know! Most times, they care about more than your grade! Just try it.