What To Do On Spring Break If You're Staying Home

Spring break is coming up and I know that some people, me included, won’t be going to the beach this year. That doesn’t mean you cant have an awesome week with your friends! So, for those of us that are staying home this year, here are five fun ideas of what to do for Spring Break.

1. Go Hiking

When it’s pretty outside, I love to get out into nature. Hiking is a great way to spend some time outdoors and a great way to exercise. Just go to your nearest state park with some friends and make a day of it! And definitely remember to bring water!


2. Have a picnic

This is another great way to get outside. You can bring any kind of food you want to a picnic. You can go healthy and bring snacks like fruit and hummus, or you can even pick some food up at you favorite local restaurant and have a feast! Find a shady place at park near you, lay out a big blanket and put on some music. After eating you can relax and watch the clouds go by.


3. Go swimming

I absolutely love swimming. It’s definitely one of my favorite things to do when it gets hot out. If you have a pool at your house, you're already set! But if you don’t, you can still go for a dip. Back home, I would always go with my friends to lakes or creeks near my house and go swimming there. I also love laying out and getting my tan on between swimming sessions. I will definitely be doing this during Spring Break because the winter months have left me super pale and that needs to change.


4. Go to a drive in movie

If you have a drive in theater near you, you can plan a super fun night with your friends! Go in one car and bring lots of blankets and snacks. When it’s warm out it always feels so good at night and I love the idea of curling up with blankets and watching a movie with the warm breeze blowing.


5. Go thrifting

This idea is especially fun if you're on a budget this year. It’s so fun to go to different thrift shops in your area and see what cute things you can find! You can also use this week to clean out some of your old clothes and give them away to thrift stores. By doing this, you’re de-cluttering your closet while also giving to those who would really benefit from getting something you’ve given away.