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“War Eagle” in Space!

I’m happy to report to you that on Oct. 28 Auburn became the first university in the state of Alabma to launch a student-built satellite into space! A project of the University’s math and science program, the satellite orbits the globe every 96 minutes and when students make a connection it emits “War Eagle!” in morse code.

Besides the fact that people all over the world can contact the satellite and hear our famous battle cry, what does this mean for students not in the math and science department? The math and science department is not the only section of the University gaining recognition recently, Financial Times the Executive MBA in Auburn’s business program among the top 100 in the world for the third year in the row, Auburn’s women soccer team won the SEC championship this season for the first time and needless to mention the recognition our school gained last year as national champions in football.

In my opinion, this means that Auburn is showing the nation and even the world, how competitive our students are in every area. Collegiettes™, I think it’s obvious what a smart decision we made in choosing Auburn.

Summer is a currently a senior student at Auburn University. As a journalism major she actively enjoys writing and is the co-founder and current Editor-in-Chief of the Her Campus branch at Auburn, as well as a writer for the Greek newspaper The Odyssey. In addition, Summer is an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta, PRSSA and the Society of Professional Journalists. Summer loves fashion and enjoys blogging about her personal style.
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