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Saturday, December 2nd was a good day if you're a Georgia Bulldog fan, but quite the opposite if you’re an Auburn Tiger fan. Despite our team’s loss in the SEC Championship game, the Auburn family sticks together. Unlike all other school’s fan bases, we love our boys through the good and the not so good.

Going into the game after having defeated two number one teams in less than a month yields a lot of confidence and bragging rights.

Especially when the Tigers score a touchdown at the beginning of the first quarter.

Things start to go downhill after Georgia scores a touchdown and blocks our field goal attempt; nonetheless, we still shake our shakers with pride.

By the fourth quarter (and two more touchdowns by the Bulldogs), it is painfully clear that the Tigers will lose the SEC game.

But the overwhelming amount of love and support that filled the Mercedes-Benz stadium for the Auburn football team remains unmatched because we will continue to stand behind our team, and proudly yell, War Eagle! (And we still beat Bama so there’s that.)

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