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With the cold air and snowy weather, spring break presented me with the perfect opportunity to re-watch Grey’s Anatomy. It did not take me long to make the grave error (no pun intended) of watching every episode starting with season one episode one.  After seeing one star after another in the early episodes, I decided to make an appreciation post for those not-so-not-famous celebrities that have been admitted to Seattle Grace Hospital at one time or another.


Strange Seeing You Here… (Season 11 // Episode 15)

Millie Bobby Brown made an appearance in season 11 (haha…).  She played a young girl named Ruby who was trapped with her mother after an earthquake hit Seattle.  Not being able to receive help immediately, she gets in contact with Owen Hunt who attempts talking her through keeping her mother alive until help arrived.


Shiny Happy People (Season 6 // Episode 22)

Demi Lovato appeared as a troubled teenage girl, Haley, who was brought into Seattle Grace by her parents who believed she was schizophrenic.  Without giving too much away, Alex Karev stopped her from making some questionable decisions and convinced her to let him run tests.  Despite what her parents believed, both Karev and Derek Shepherd believed it could be something else thanks to the help of Lexie Grey. 


13 Reasons Why You Should Watch This Episode (Season 4 // Episode 5)

In this creepy Halloween episode, Dylan Minnette plays a young boy who was born with only internal ear parts.  He shows up to Seattle Grace in order to meet Mark Sloan who specializes in plastic surgery. When he is told that he would need to come up with some money, he turns to Meredith Grey who helps him trick-or-treat for ears.  13 Reasons fans will also recognize Addison Montgomery-Shepherd (Kate Walsh) as Hannah Baker’s mom which has left the door open for many (13 maybe?) conspiracies about the connection between the two shows. 


Horror Story Time Warp (Season 6 // Episode 15)

In season 6, Sarah Paulson appeared as a young Ellis Grey (mother to Meredith) in an episode all about stories and flashbacks.  Her scenes focused on the flashbacks of Richard Webber who worked closely with Ellis before she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. 


This Magic Moment (Season 8 // Episode 11)

Teen wolves are not the only thing off about Holland Roden’s life.  In season 8 episode 11, Roden plays the young mother of conjoined twins.  The episode revolves around the surgery of her twins, Brandi and Andi, and the scary moments it took to separate them.  Unfortunately for us, Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien were nowhere to be found.  


A Vet And A Surgeon Walk Into A Bar (Seasons 2 and 3)

Being a little more permanent than Chris O’Donnell appears in both seasons two and three as a veterinarian and Meredith’s off-and-on boyfriend, Finn.  She first meets Finn when she and Derek have to take their dog, Doc, to the vet. At the time, Derek and Meredith were broken up due to the appearance of Derek’s wife Addison Montgomery. As the two seasons progress, though, things start to get a little shaky between the surgeons and vet.


Scream Queen (Season 3 // Episode 3)

Abigail Breslin guest starred as a young girl, Megan Clover, who was brought into the hospital by her foster parents.  The doctor’s questioned her after her foster parents had insisted they did not harm her despite the number of cuts and bruises covering her body.  It wasn’t until Alex Karev sat down and talked to her that she finally admitted that she was unable to feel pain. I think we can all agree, though, this disease would have been a lot more beneficial for Chanel #5. 


Vampires, Werewolves, and Doctors, Oh My! 9 (Seasons 3 and 4)

Before she was a Cullen, she was Jane Doe.  Elizabeth Reaser played a young pregnant woman who was involved in a ferry accident that left her in critical condition.  With her face being so deformed it left her unidentifiable and her poor memory, she earned herself the name of Jane Doe.  She appeared in 18 episodes as Alex Karev’s patient and eventual (crazy) girlfriend.  I think it is safe to assume Reaser has a thing for doctors. 


If you have ever wanted to jumpstart your acting career, we definitely recommend heading over to Shonda Rhimes and telling her you think you have a fever.

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