Vacation Season Has Arrived with StudentCity

No more teachers! No more books!

Now that the semester has ended and we have survived finals week, it's party time. While you are hard at work making a bucket list, StudentCity is making one too....and it's for you. 

StudentCity is a travel program that orchestrates student trips for the spring, summer, fall and winter,  They have brought over 400,000 students to top destinations such as Italy, Peru, Costa Rica, and Thailand. StudentCity's tours are perfect for college students because they accommodate all group sizes, have exclusive package deals, and offer unique location spots ranging from the most popular vacation cities to cooler, lesser-known local spots. Named the #1 Spring Break Provider, StudentCity not only helps you pick a destination but they also help you deal with all of the other stresses that come with vacation planning; finding a hotel, restaurants, budgeting, flights, and local activities.

In partnership with Her Campus Auburn, StudentCity is offering one lucky winner a Bucket List vacation. The winner will receive one trip to the destination of their choosing. Click here for a chance to win.

Good Luck, tigers!