Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Everyone you Love

Did you know that more than 58 million pounds of chocolate candy will be sold this Valentine's week? Sounds like a lot, but who doesn't love a good heart shaped box of chocolates? Interested in switching it up this year though? This Valentine's Day, instead of giving your loved ones that same chocolate box you've given them for years, try out some of these creative and cute V-day gift ideas!


1. A Swell bottle filled with their favorite bite sized candy. 

These beautiful, sleek water bottles keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 and make the perfect gift for any girl or guy that loves to workout. Fill the bottle with Hershey's kisses, or any other bite sized candy to make the gift that much sweeter. Check out the Swell bottle options on their website starting at $25.00!


2. What I Love About You Journal

This adorable journal is such a thoughtful gift, especially for a significant other. The book has 112 pages you can personalize yourself with all the things you love about the recipient. It is a perfect way to let someone know how much you adore them this Valentine's Day. Get this cute book from Smoko for $16.00!


3. Personalized M&M'S Heart Gift Box

If you are still really stuck on giving chocolate this year as a V-Day gift, make it fun and personalize the candy! M&M allows for you to personalize their chocolates with whatever picture, saying or even face you want on it and choose the Valentine's Day gift boxes they have to gift them in. You can check out your customizing options on the M&M website from $29.99-$49.99!


4. Valentine's Day Themed Mug with Coffee Gift Card Inside

The perfect gift for any coffee lover. There are so many adorable mugs that are adorned with hearts and lovely Valentine's Day quotes that make the perfect gift. Add in a Starbuck's gift card to the bottom of the mug and you have a gift is both in budget and thoughtful. Get this lip print mug from Anthropology for $11.20 (on sale from $14.00)!


5. Monogrammed Blanket 

Who doesn't love a cozy, warm blanket? Gift one to your loved ones this year and make it extra special by adding their initials or name to it. To make it even more appealing, put the blanket in a wire basket and wrap a bow around it. Get this fleece one from Lands' End for $12.00 (on sale from $19.95)!


There you have it! Easy, creative and budget friendly V-Day gifts that will make all your loved ones feel special and really FEEL THE LOVE!