Unique Stuffed Animals for Valentine's Day Gifts

This is Fine Plush Dog $25.00

The "this is fine" meme is used so often, why shouldn't you have a plush to commemorate it? He's 12 inches tall and non-flammable so he can be by your side through all crises.


Uterus Plushie $35.81

This pink friend is for those who celebrate the wonderful things uteruses do and want to cuddle them, or for those who hate them every month and want to throw them against the wall. Either way, this friend will be ready to snuggle!


Stuffed Blobfish $28.00

Unfortunately, this ugly-cute creature is only available for pre-order right now. But imagine the look on someone's face when you show them the order confirmation and say, "I love you enough to purchase this squishy blobfish for you." So romantic!


Heart Plush - I Got The Beat! $20.00

Forget those cutesy hearts- go anatomically correct for you valentine this year! It's a big one at 10 inches tall, enough to show how much you love them without being weird. It also includes a book about how the heart works, so it's also educational!


Earth Plush $16.99

This is great for that person you know who loves the planet more than anyone and wants to give it a big hug after all we're putting it through. Appreciate the amazing planet we get to live on by snuggling it to bed every night!


Plush Corgi Bouquet $29.99

Flowers are traditional and sweet, but a bouquet of puppies will make your special someone do a double take! There are 9 puppies in total, so the recipient can be surrounded by doggy cuddles. Even better, each pup has its tongue out in a blep to be 10 times cuter!


Yeti Plush Toy $28.00

This sweet little monster is handmade to be soft and snuggly with a sweet smile and big heart. He prefers colder climate, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind being in a warmer climate if it meant getting lots of hugs!


Gudetama Signature Lying Down Plush $21.24

This iconic egg friend is displayed in his usual laying down pose, and we all can relate to this on Monday mornings. He's described as depressed, but maybe it's because he hasn't had a lot of love. Fix that by giving him a home!


Total Solar Eclipse Sun & Moon Plush $29.99

A cute space gift for the aerospace engineer or science lover in your life! When you put the moon in front of the sun, the sun's corona shows behind, making it the cutest solar eclipse you'll ever see! It's also great for educational purposes, such as for a classroom or child's play room.

Japanese Bullhead Shark Plushie $14.44

This aquatic friend likes to swim along the bottom of the sea, but he might mistake your fingers for food, so be careful! This plush is 7 inches, features cute dorsal fins and oh so cute!


Water Bear Large Plushie $39.99

This microscopic creature has been magnified (and colored blue) to bring out the ugly-cute nature of it. This little-known tiny friend is becoming endangered, so let this plush version inspire you to research the real-life version!

Sunny Side Up Egg Jumbo Plush $16.11

Does your significant other enjoy eggs for breakfast? Show them you acknowledge their love for the food by giving them this huge version of the food. They're filled with beads for a soft texture but also feature a stretchy material to make it more lifelike!

Anglerfish Light-Up Plush $16.99

Need a cuddly friend and a night light in one? This plush is for you! Pick from a blue or pink anglerfish to light your night and your life! The LED bulb in the esca, the ball on the end of her illicium, the fishing rod thingy, makes it realistic and more friendly than the actual thing.

Small Chicken Plushies $11.04

These furry farm friends deserve some love after ending their year as the zodiac animal (2017 was the year of the chicken!). They won't get another turn in the lime light for 12 years, so they definitely need some attention! These cuties come in white, brown or gold for all kinds of chicken-color preferences.