The Ultimate 2017 Spring Break Packing List

We are almost a month away from the best part of the spring semester, spring break. While many of you will most likely be hitting the beach this year, the different options of what to do and where to go are endless. So, here is an ultimate guide on what to pack whether you are going to the Gulf with friends, on a road trip with a big group, a cruise with your significant other, or even home to sleep all day and lay out in the sun at your neighborhood pool.


Your Favorite Pair of Shades

There is nothing like a good pair of sunglasses to complete your outfit. Grab your favorites and start rocking spring break before it even begins. If you are a beach-goer, buy a pair of cheap knockoffs so your beloved Ray Bans are not the ones taken by a big wave this year.



Anyone who has ever experienced falling asleep while trying to get a perfect tan cannot emphasize this enough. Spare yourself and just pack the SPF 50.



Pack a couple bathing suits, mix and match your tops and bottoms, and do not worry if you still don't have that “bikini body.” Be confident!


A Beach Bag

Nothing is handier, or cuter, to keep all of your stuff in than a nice beach bag. Throw in your flip flops, towel, and sunscreen, and you are good to go.


A Few Nice Outfits

While the majority of your spring break may be spent lounging in comfy clothes, bring a few nice dresses and tops along with you for the nights you decide to hit the town.


The Best Playlist You Have Ever Listened To

What is a road trip without some good music? I hope to never find out. Create a playlist with you and your friends’ favorite songs, and jam out to them all week long.