Twitter Hashtag Gives Body Shamers a Mouthful

The tastiest piece of justice occured last week. We all know Twitter has the power to ruin lives, careers and relationships, but it also has the power to turn something ugly into a movement of beauty and self love. 

Every day women get criticized for the color of their skin, the way they wear their hair, and the shape of their body. There is not one day that goes by without some poor, misguided soul who finds it funny to joke around with someone's appearance on social media. Last week a Twitter user caught sight of someone trying making fun of a prom photo. The user compared the young woman to a piece of cheesecake. Instead letting this situation die, Twitter user @spokenELLE made it a movement, using the hashtag #CompareYourselfToCheesecake2016


Thousands of people joined in on the fight against body shaming and posted selfies cropped next to delectable pieces of cheesecake! 

Internet celebrity, Hannah Hart even replied to the movement saying, #compareyourselftoacheesecake2016 is what the Internet was made for - down w body shaming and up w baked goods!”


Several college students joined in during study breaks, tweeting how they should've been studying, but this cause was worth it. It was the most adorable thing that hit the Twitterverse all  week! Body Shaming is something we do not have to entertain. We all have the power to uplift the person next to us and maintain integrity of our fellow human beings.