The Truth About WCW

Once a week, we log into our Instagram accounts and scroll to find that our timeline is filled with unnamed girls and hot celebrities that we don’t remember following… must be Wednesday! Woman Crush Wednesday has become a weekly tradition where women are displayed as someone’s “crush.” At first, the idea was exciting! To be deemed as a figure of beauty by a stranger, your boyfriend or a fan was something to be proud of. “COULD I BE HIS CRUSH THIS WEEK!?” But then it became clear that the event was selective and bias.  We began to see the same “type” of girls every week.



HC Auburn looked into the truth behind WCW, and who better to assist our ladies than the men of the Plains? We asked a couple of guys what they thought about WCW, and we got weighty pros and cons.

Pro: It can be a tool for Women’s Appreciations.

It is never a bad idea to let a woman know she is beautiful, even on days that aren’t Wednesday!

“WCW can be used as women appreciation. I’ve seen someone choose an unexpecting woman as a WCW, and she was truly thankful that someone would choose her.” –K.S

“Good device to show appreciation for women in the case of a good friend, a celebrity you’re crushing on or someone you’re already in a relationship with.” –J.C

Con: It can be part of a childish game.

While you may be his woman crush this week, who’s to say you won’t be replaced next week? A lot of single guys use WCW to see what girls are willing to bite. We’ve seen the game too many times: He’ll post a picture of a girl this week who won’t reply, then next week it’s the same detailed caption with someone else’s username.

“It's all circumstantial; childish if you post a girl that you don’t know, but you’re trying to get her attention.” –J.C

“While [WCW] appreciates good looking women, it's not very inclusive of all women so it can ruin self-esteems and hurt egos. And ruin relationships, depending if your girl and your WCW aren’t the same person.” –G.W

Con: Calls for a little too much PDA.

Now everyone knows! What happened to good old fashion fantasizing until you work up the courage to talk to her?

“I like face to face interaction. I’m not going to post it on the interweb. I’m going to go to them and say you’re beautiful!” –H.R

We’ve let Instagram dictate our version of pretty. Pretty isn’t always beach curls and colored eyes. Girls of all shapes, sizes and colors are beautiful. Do not let society tell you that you are not worthy because you do not fit into the stereotypical category of a WCW.  So this Wednesday, I encourage all of you to boost a close friend, a stranger or even a random HC member as your WCW!