Throwback: Auburn Airwaves Concert

March 31, 2016, UPC held its annual Auburn Airwaves concert. This year’s performers were Natalia La Rose, Lil Jon and Rae Sremmurd. Our HC media team got glammed up and covered the event...with help from our favorite mascot, Aubie.

It was rainy a day. We all had our fingers crossed the rain would hold off until the last performer. Natalia La Rose wowed us with her sweet Amsterdam accent. She took the stage with fire red hair and showed off a her dance moves. La Rose performed a new song that had the crowd singing, “Chillin’ like ice ice baby,” all night long.

We had a hard time finding the real Lil Jon! Our dreaded Aubie tried to steal the spotlight from DJ and Rapper, Lil Jon. This was the perfect time for a raging DJ set. The media team had a blast backstage watching all the glow sticks move in unison as the bass proceeded to drop. Lil Jon also performed hits like Get Low and Outta Your Mind. #FanFavorite

At the end of the night, Rae Sremmurd took the stage for three our favorite songs: Start a Party, Come Get Her, and No Flex Zone. Around the end of No Flex Zone, our campus turned into a No Dry Zone and the rain began to pour! We didn’t get the Turnt Happy Ending we wanted, but it made for a great run in the rain.

Until next year, Airwaves.