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Three Ways to Tell it’s Fall on the Plains

In addition to the copious amounts of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Insta pictures of burnt orange leaves cluttering your newsfeed, fall is in full swing on the Plains! As if you couldn’t already tell, here are three ways to know that autumn has definitely hit the Loveliest Village on the Plains.

1. “Cold air, full hearts, can’t lose”

If you’re any sort of football fan you know fall means football, but fall also brings a renewed spirit to Auburn’s Campus. There’s just something about walking outside to go to your 8 am, the sun shining so brightly, the air so cold and crisp; you can’t help but smile and relish in the beauty that is Auburn. Even when you have 4 midterms in a row, fall brings a sense of peace and a feeling to just enjoy the here and now (and maybe snap a few pictures of Samford Hall and all the changing leaves on the way to class). 

2. Seasonal wardrobe change

As colder weather approaches, slowly you’ll be able to see the transition from Nike shorts and oversized t-shirts to leggings and Woolly Threads paired with riding boots and chunky socks. Here in the south, we are eager to pull out any form of long sleeved shirt we own. So when the weather dips below 75 degrees, that’s the perfect excuse to dress like you’re from up north. 

3. Fall means the semester is halfway over!

Besides colder weather, fall brings several breaks from class (fall break, Thanksgiving break, and Christmas break, just to name a few). Although the close of the semester means finals, it also means a month long holiday to spend with friends and family without worrying about school.

F. Scott Fitzgerald sums it up with this quote, “Life starts over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”  Even though the semester is in full swing, take some time to enjoy the beautiful weather that has finally arrived to the plains. 

Animal Science major with a passion for writing. Crazy cat lover, avid diet coke drinker and a shopping addict. 
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