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Three Ways to Tell if You’re a Crazy Dog (or Cat) Mom

Whether your fur baby meows or barks, you work hard to give them the best life possible. It’s not always easy, especially when you come home after a long day of class to your living room sofa torn to pieces, but at the end of the day, we can’t image life without our four-legged babies. If you’re the type of mom that has 500+ pictures of your baby on your camera roll, or the type who wears t-shirts with sayings about dogs, we don’t judge; we all love and obsess over our fur babies just the same. So here are three ways to tell if you’re a over the top crazy type of dog (or cat) mom.

1. You take them with you wherever possible

If it’s a pet friendly place, you bet I will be bringing my dog. People know you are definitely a crazy dog mom if they look in your car and see you have a puppy car seat. Or maybe you’re the type who pushes their dogs around in an enclosed stroller. And you always have treats and a compact water bowl handy in your purse; you know, just dog mom essentials.

Pro tip: get a small breed dog and he can easily fit in your purse for easy (and conspicuous travel). 


2. Your house is filled with more toys and pet friendly furniture than anything else

Have you ever seen the houses on Animal Planet with cat run ways and secret hiding places built into the wall? Yeah, that’s not just on TV. If your cat has a nicer bed than you do, you’re definitely a crazy cat mom (I’m talking about a 9 foot cat condo complete with a hammock). It’s also perfectly normal to see a stocking with “Fluffy” written on it during the holidays. No shame in my game.


3. You not only give your pet an instagram birthday shout out, but physically throw them a party

There’s no denying it, if you fit into this category you are definitely a crazy fur mom. It’s one thing to post about 11 pictures on social media of your cat doing various poses or wishing him a happy birthday. But inviting friends over, putting a party hat on your cat and helping him blow out the candles on his tuna fish cake is a whole other level. Of course, you’re not alone, the fellow crazy fur moms of the world are out there, supporting you.  

Animal Science major with a passion for writing. Crazy cat lover, avid diet coke drinker and a shopping addict. 
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