The Three Best Things to Thrift

Keeping up with all the latest and greatest trends is not always easy when you are trying to ball on a budget. Strolling into the most popular stores certainly does not mean the most reasonable prices. If you want to amp up your individual style and defend your bank account, visit your local thrift shop. Not only are your finds one of a kind, but the bang for your buck is the understatement of the century. The following are items that I think thrift does best for astronomically less than competing brand names. 


All things denim

Getting your hands on desirable denim does not have to mean giving in to a three-figure price tag. I am the proud owner of several quality jean jackets and jeans thanks to my local thrift store. Not only do I constantly get asked where I got them but they truly do look more expensive than the jackets my friends have paid a fat stack for. With a little patience and a sharp eye, you can easily come across vintage Levi’s that are under $20. A true jackpot win. Denim never goes out of style which means that 25-year-old denim someone decided to donate will still be the same show stopper. There is no need to go searching expensive racks full of new trends for a timeless closet staple. 



A unique vintage belt was always on the top of my wish-list, but having to sacrifice an entire paycheck to get my hands on one? Not quite. Thrift shops are the home of truly badass belts. Thanks to them, I have a bunch of vintage belts that I have collectively paid less than $25 for. These are one in a million. Do not underestimate that. No one else will have a more affordable and original accessory to take their outfit to next level trendy.



If you are like me, you probably constantly wish you had more jewelry to deck yourself out in but don’t have the money to drop on it. The other catch is that I don’t just want any old jewelry, I want different jewelry.  I want drool-worthy jewelry. To this day, only three rings make the cut into my everyday look. Guess where they are all from! Bingo! Thrift shops. The reason I turn to thrift for my jewelry fix is that all options are usually real silver. Once again, this means that you are getting a much bigger bang for your buck. Why use that same amount of money to buy a cheap, turn your finger green, ring when a thrift trip could get you a silver finger masterpiece? You tell me! Go check it out for yourselves. 

AND remember,

everything comes back in style.