The Third-Wheel Experience

As Drake would say, “What a time to be alive!”

It’s that time of year, where everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) seems to have honed in on their relationship skills and have found a significant other, while you are still sitting in your bed with Netflix on one tab and Tumblr open on the other. No Bae. No Boo. No Nothing!


This is the time where friends will start planning events that turn into double, triple or QUADROUPLE DATES, and you just so happen to be on the end as the odd-girl out! Or worst case scenario, your friend sees how “lonely” you are, tries to set you up with her boyfriend's less than gross best friend…Never works! TRUST ME! Been there, done that.

 If you have found yourself as the third wheel of an awkward tricycle, let HC Auburn give you some words of wisdom:


Decline the Invitation

If hanging out with all these perfect couples is going to drag down your mood, don't go. They always say it’s going to be fun and that you won’t even notice… It will not be fun and you will notice. Learn to be happy for your friend, from a distance. You can like all their pictures on Insta and Facebook, and that way you’ll have tons of things to talk about when it’s just a girls' night in.


Be the photographer

If you have no choice but to go along with the weekend plans as the third-wheel, take this time to improve your photography skills. Give your bestie’s those cute candids of her and her beau. Maybe she’ll return the favor when you get a man.


Create the Singles Club

As depressing as this sounds, it might do you some good to link up with other single girls or guys in your group. Sometimes hanging out with your cuffed friends gets really boring. You can’t talk about how hot the guy at the end of the bar is, you have to end the nights early because they have to go home and cuddle,  or dancing on the table tops all of a sudden becomes forbidden. When the Singles Club unites, all of these things can become fun again, because none of you have to worry about someone waiting at home or someone policing your once super outgoing friend. #CareFreeSinglePeople


Do Not Panic

I know it's been 20+ years and Mr. Right has not stopped by your doorstep yet, but he’s coming. He’s probably somewhere watching Netflix, on his third box of pizza, wondering where you are too.