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These Prom Dresses will Make You Want to Go Back to High School

This prom season, boys are going all out to ask ladies to prom, some even got the whole school involved in the proposal. Not only are they giving big proposals, but every prom couple I’ve seen looks like they are spending a lot of money on dresses, suits, cars and more. I must say these high schoolers are slaying.

Crazy thing is they’re slaying for all ages, because many of them honestly looked like they were on a reunion show instead of in high school. The dresses were sexy and showing skin, but also elegant and classy.

Many girls wore mermaid dresses or two pieces, which is perfect for portraying the sexy but classy theme. Most of the mermaid dresses weren’t like the usual, because the bottom part was extravagant. I saw one girl whose dress had big roses at the top of the skirt and unraveled a bit as they went down the dress.


So many dresses had rhinestones to add some shine, especially the two pieces. They caught my eye, because it was the perfect amount of midriff. 


Of course their make-up looked like Beyoncé’s make-up artist did it, and most of the hair choices were long with big curls or up. All I can really say is this year’s prom dresses have me wanting to go back in time, so I could up my game as a high schooler.


The biggest thing that caught many eyes this year was that one or two couples were dressed in African inspired patterns, which was beautiful.  

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