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There’s Magic Happening in the Magic City

If you’re from Birmingham, then you know it’s lacking a real fashion scene and community. There aren’t many events or places for those interested in fashion to go to or be a part of. That’s all changing this year. A group of fashion driven individuals got sick of searching for people like them and a place to fit in, so they made one.

They came up with the event, Magic City Fashion Week, which will be the week and weekend of the Magic City Classic. Not only is their focus fashion but they’re using the platform to educate people on HIV/AIDS. They also want people to get tested so they have had free testing throughout the month.

They’re educating and creating; creating a community but also creating opportunity. They didn’t want to only have themselves involved but others as well. They figured if they feel like there needs to be more of a fashion community in Birmingham, others feel the same too. They gave photographers, writers, designers, vendors, etc. a chance to get involved whether they’re experienced or not.

So not only do they have their week of main events, but they’ve been having events since their interest meeting. There have been events just for the bloggers and nights where it’s just the designers or photographers, but of course other were encouraged to join as well. The events gave like people the chance to get to know those like them and the opportunity to learn from those like them.

Most of those types of events had a guest speaker who is pretty well known to give advice and answer questions. For instance, at the Blogger’s Night Out event, blogger Vic Styles was invited to speak and share her story.

As of right now they’re getting ready for their main week of events. Magic City Fashion Week is the week of October 24, 2017. Here is the schedule for those interested:

If you want to follow what’s happening, follow their Instagram page and for more information visit their website.

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