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Stay Safe on Spring Break!

Spring break is so close we can officially smell the salt water on the horizon!  Only a few more days of boring classes, bipolar weather, and making small talk with those people that you’re only sort of friends with so you don’t have to sit alone in English.  It’s time to get out of Auburn for a week of fun with your best friends!  Whether you’re backpacking around Europe, going on a Caribbean cruise, or being totally basic and heading to PCB (it’s ok, we all do it), March 21st can’t get here fast enough.  Spring Break is all about having fun and relieving stress but it’s important to take precautions to stay out of harms way. 

We all know of someone who’s come back from Spring Break with a “No Ragrets” tattoo or something just as regrettable, so stay on top of things to make sure that person isn’t you!  Here are our top 5 tips for staying safe over Spring Break!


1. Hydrate!  Not only is drinking tons of water good for you, it’s essential if you’re spending extended amounts of time in the sun… or if you’re consistently consuming large amounts of alcohol.  Make sure you have access to plenty of water; the effects of alcohol are heightened in extreme heat, which leads to you getting drunk quicker as well as getting dehydrated much faster!

2. Watch you drinks!  The same rules apply while on vacation that you follow every time you go downtown or to the frats.  Just because you’re at the beach and relaxing doesn’t give you an excuse to not be cautious.  You’ve heard this advice over and over but it could save you a lot of trouble and is really not that hard to follow.

3. Keep an eye on your stuff!  A crowded beach or a crazy plaza in a foreign country is the perfect place to have stuff stolen so lock up your valuables in the hotel room and know where your ID and money are at all times.

4. Stick together!  Don’t wander too far away from the group.  Use the buddy system and keep an eye out for each other.  Stay connected to all of your friends and make sure your phone is charged and you have access to service if you don’t stay with the whole group.  Don’t get too friendly with strangers, trust your friends instincts, and look out for each other.

5. Double-check everything before you leave for your trip!  Make sure all of your documents are in order, your reservations are confirmed, and your means of travel are all set.  If you plan on making the long drive to your destination get your car checked out before you leave.  No one wants to get stranded in the middle of nowhere when you could be partying on the beach!

Have fun, be safe, and don’t forget your sunscreen!


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