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Spring is here, which means that warm weather is finally here to stay! The change of season is a perfect opportunity for you to clean out your closet as you put up your sweaters to make room for your sundresses. Before you make a mess trying to sort through your wardrobe, try this plan of attack:


1. Get all of your clothing in the same place

This will help you get a visual idea of all the clothes you have. It helps to take everything off their hangers so you can fold them. This will make it easier to sort your clothes into separate piles later.

2. Pick out what you wear regularly

Set aside all of the seasonally appropriate clothing that you wear often. Stack together all the outfits you think you’re going to wear within the next couple of weeks or even months. All of the clothes that you wear frequently but are out of season should be stored in containers or boxes to keep until the cold weather returns. This will keep your closet from flooding over with clothing you won’t be wearing anytime soon, and free up space in the small dorm closets.


3. Hang on to things with sentimental value

No, you won’t be wearing that too small Backstreet Boys concert tee again but don’t get rid of it! Keep things that have meaning to you. You can put those into storage, alongside your winter clothes, for safe keeping. The point is to take things out of your closet that you don’t need or intend to wear but that doesn’t mean to get rid of the things that you are fond of.

4. Separate your remaining clothes into throw away and give away piles

Throw out any clothes that are falling apart, have holes in them, or are so stretched out and faded that you don’t think other people would want to wear them. If the clothes have simply gone out of style, don’t fit you anymore, or you just never wear them, give them away. You can take clothing in wearable condition to a consignment shop to make some money, to a donation center, or you could arrange a clothes swap with your friends to trade the clothing you all don’t wear.


5. Organize outfits in categories

First, categorize your clothing by the occasion that you wear them. Keep all of your work clothes and all of your casual clothes separated, for example. That way you don’t have to go through every pair of yoga pants you own to find something to wear on a night out with the girls. After you have your clothing categorized, separate them by type. If all of your tank tops are together, and all of your shorts are together, picking out an outfit will be a much faster process because you’ll know where everything is.

6. Get rid of the random stuff

It seems like all closets are notorious for piling up with junk. Ask yourself if you really need whatever it is taking up all the space in your closet. Chances are, all of the extraneous items belong in a better place somewhere else in your home.


And voila! Your closet has been spring cleaned! There is more room for the things you actually wear, and possibly some new cute outfits, too.




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Sarah is currently a junior at Auburn University majoring in Graphic Design. She is in love with container gardening, music festivals, sunshine, and record stores. Some of her talents include getting hooked on tv shows with too many episodes and practicing amazing self control when it comes to online shopping. Her future aspirations include moving back to her hometown of Atlanta after graduating to pursue a career as a designer. Find her on instagram @saranspluey