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Spring Break on a Budget

With Spring Break among us, it’s easy to get caught up in everyone’s plans; your sorority sisters are going on a cruise to Cozumel, your study partner in biochemistry is going to Napa Valley with her boyfriend and your best friends are renting a condo for the week in PCB. While Instagram makes all of these places seem so appealing, they are just not practical for everyone! So here are 5 ways to have a totally awesome and Insta-worthy Spring Break while ballin’ on a budget.


Be a Tourist

Have you ever tried being a tourist in your own town? I’m sure there are a ton of things you have passed by for years, without giving them a second thought, because they seemed too touristy. Make a point to discover new places right in your hometown; whether that be the hole-in-the wall taco shop or that famous painted wall everyone takes pictures in front of.


Staycation Spring Break

Similar to being a tourist in your own hometown, make staying home a vacation experience! I am thankful enough to live by the beach so staying at a hotel for the night, eating at a fancy restaurant and spending all day tanning is relaxing and low maintenance but still fun.


Tag Along on Your Family’s Vacay

I know I know, you couldn’t wait to get to college and do your own thing, without your parents. But I have news for you… the older you get, the more you realize how much you miss your family when you’re away from them. So put aside your stubbornness and go to Disney World with your mom, dad and little brother, besides, its free.


Stay on Campus and Pet Sit for Your Friends

There’s no better way to catch up on some sleep and Netflix than staying in Auburn! This isn’t as boring as you’d think because all of your friends are going to need someone to watch their fur babies for the week. Not only will you get a few extra bucks, but unlimited snuggles! What could be better?


Take an Impulsive Road Trip

A cheap yet still exciting spring break alternative; all you need is a couple friends, a car, some spare cash and a sense of adventure. Road trip around the South, to Texas, up to the mountains, or anywhere really. And don’t fret about where to stay, Air BnB’s are virtually everywhere and very cheap.

After break, when everyone is exchanging pictures and stories, you will have had the best week ever, all without breaking the bank!

Animal Science major with a passion for writing. Crazy cat lover, avid diet coke drinker and a shopping addict. 
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