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Spindrift Mocktails and Cocktails to Get You Through Midterms

I’m a health junkie and am always looking for new things to try. One of my favorite things is flavored water (but without the sugar!), and Spindrift did not disappoint. Spindrift stands behind the power of wholesome nutrition by being America’s only sparkling water made from real fruit—none of the highly processed additives found in many kinds of flavored water. They offer the following seven flavors: lemon, cucumber, grapefruit, raspberry lime, strawberry, orange mango, and blackberry. You can snag some at Target (because who doesn’t need a pack of these to go with your adorable Target finds?), Trader Joe’s, or online!

That mid-semester slump is hitting me really hard, and if you can relate, crack open a cold one of these with the girls! These are an easy, affordable way to treat yoself and feel fancy (pour one in a cute wine glass and throw on a good movie to top it all off!). I tried the unsweetened lemon and the unsweetened raspberry lime flavors. The lemon was my favorite! I’m not big on sweet drinks of any form, but you could easily add some liquid sweetener to these if that’s your thing. The raspberry lime was good, too, but I’d recommend cooling it off a little more than I did for it to taste its best. 

Also, tons of great recipes are on Spindrift’s website, so you can bet I’m going to be trying all of the ones I can! Check out some of these.

For my ladies over 21…

Spindrift Strawberry Spritzer  (Serves 4 – or 2 people, twice)

Ingredients: • 15-20 fresh strawberries • 2 cans Spindrift Strawberry • ice • 1 bottle of rosé – we used Cocomero from Winc • lime wheel for garnish

Directions: Crush ~16 fresh strawberries then press through fine strainer (making fresh strawberry juice). Pour juice evenly among 4 wine glasses. Pour 2 oz of rosé over ice. Add 3 cubes to ice to each glass. Top with 3oz of Spindrift Strawberry. Garnish the rim with a small strawberry and lime wheel. Enjoy!

Recipe and image courtesy of Spindrift.com.


Spindrift Sparkling Lemon Drop

Ingredients: · 1 oz lemon juice · 1 oz Lemon Spindrift · 1/2 oz simple syrup · 1 oz vodka (skip this for a mocktail version)

Directions: Shake together ice, lemon juice, and vodka. Pour into coupe glass (or whatever you have on hand). Top with Lemon Spindrift. Garnish with thin lemon slice.

Recipe and image courtesy of Spindrift.com.


Spindrift Grapefruit Margarita

Ingredients: · 1 grapefruit · 1 lime · 1 1/2 oz silver tequila (skip this for a mocktail version) · 1/2 oz triple sec · Coarse salt

Directions: Squeeze fresh juice from half the grapefruit and the lime. Pour in a short glass rimmed with salt, over ice, with triple sec and tequila. Top with Grapefruit Spindrift to taste. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit. Enjoy! 

Recipe and image courtesy of Spindrift.com.


For my ladies of all ages…


Spindrift Blackberry Float


· Blackberry ice cream (or yogurt or sorbet). We made our own – using fresh blackberries, vanilla, sugar, cream, and Blackberry Spindrift – but any good quality blackberry ice cream will do  · Blackberry    Spindrift   · Fresh blackberries

Directions: Scoop ice cream into champagne flutes, top with Blackberry Spindrift, garnish with a blackberry. Enjoy with a straw or a spoon!

 Recipe and image courtesy of Spindrift.com.


Spindrift Fruitbowl Medley Mocktail

All fruit is invited to this party because it’s a Fruitbowl Medley Mocktail. Add whatever fresh fruit you’ve got on hand (we had mango, oranges, strawberries, and limes), a can of Orange Mango, and voila. A perfect summer sip that doubles as a snack. 

Recipe and image courtesy of Spindrift.com.


I hope these gorgeous pics and delicious recipes have you on board with me because Spindrift will not disappoint!

Cover picture courtesy of Spindrift.com.

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