Six Instances Where Dogs Replace Diamonds as "Girl's Best Friend"

Forget the cliché that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

For all of us dog lovers, it can be assumed that whoever said this must not have had a furry four-legged friend in their life as we know the distinction of joy that a diamond can offer and a dog offers is incomparable.   

(Side note: Diamonds can, of course, accompany and add to the joy your furry friend provides, so if your S.O. incorporates your favorite poochie somehow WITH a diamond nearby, do us all a favor and SAY YES!)  

Instance #1:  They provide a daily greeting service that is genuinely enthusiastic and not limited to once a day.

Where human greeters might smile and offer a cordial greeting the first time you walk into a store, dog owners have the privilege of being greeted with an ecstatic wag of a tail—and a kiss on the cheek!—upon return of what translates hours in dog time and mere minutes in human time.

Instance #2: They understand the importance of humans showcasing well-roundedness in building their resumés as they encourage language fluency in their native language of “WOOF.”

You might as well be fluent in another language because only a dog owner can differentiate and understand the meaning of “Woof!” i.e. Throw my squeaky toy! I laid it right beside your hand.” and “WOOF!” i.e. “STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING because there is a squirrel trying to invade our territory and I must stop him right this very second!

Instance #3: They remind you to spend the majority of your time on what is really important in life and not sweat the small stuff.

Bad hair day? Oh well... at least It looks better than it did when you woke up. There are more important things to do—like feeding me right now.

Instance #4: They serve as your 24/7 security guard and have no perception of size when coming between you and the sketchy person standing beside you who smells funny.

Don’t be fooled by the title. “Teacup” anything can take you down just as easily as the intimidating glare of a mastiff bulldog. While the angle of attack might vary, ankle bites prove just as effective.

Instance #5: They’re always up for an adventure—or down for a nap.


So long as they can ride shotgun, your four-legged pooch is ready for an adventure the second you grab your keys, even if that means their short legs have to take ten steps for every two of yours. On the flip side, while they’ve already claimed the couch, because you rank as their favorite human, they will be happy to shift and share a ¼ of the couch.

Instance #6: They dedicate their lives to loving you unconditionally. 

It’s true: Dogs love unconditionally. From being your number one supporter and tap dancing alongside you in your excitement to being the first one at your side to offer their paw (or body) as a pillow when having a rough day, they really do always have your best interest at heart.  

 It shouldn't come as a surprise that a mineral, even a shiny one, could ever replace the special bond between a girl and her dog.

This article is dedicated to my four-legged best friend, a toy poodle named "Kamo."