Silly Holidays To Brighten Up the Rest of Your January

Bleak, cold and gray; that's how I usually describe January. All the Christmas cheer is gone, school starts back up and I'm just not a happy camper. I usually spend the month waiting for it to be February for the pink and red color scheme. However, instead of waiting for the month to pass, I decided to take the time to enjoy the month (and every month) this year. I wrote an article about silly holidays in September and loved how each day had something exciting to bring. I decided to explore each months' unique holidays, starting with January. Join me as we search for something new to appreciate every day of the month!


January 21: National Hugging Day

This one is sweet for a Sunday, the start of a new week! Find a loved one and give them a big squeeze to show them you love and appreciate them.


January 22: Hot Sauce Day

Whether you love hot sauce because of the spiciness or because of Beyonce, celebrate today with a bit of this deliciousness on your food. Tacos anyone?


January 23: Handwriting Day

Even if your handwriting isn't the best, you can still celebrate this holiday! Take the time to write your notes neater, or incorporate a pretty pen color.


January 24: Compliment Day

While every day should be compliment day, this is the official date. Tell a stranger you love their shoes, or tell your mom you love all she does for you!


January 25: Opposite Day

Didn't think this was an actual holiday? Impress your friends by knowing the exact date, and see what kind of adventures you get into when people get confused.


January 26: Spouse's Day

Not many of us have spouses at this age, but if you do, take the time to honor them a little extra today. Or let your favorite married couple know so they can celebrate!


January 27: Chocolate Cake Day

This is probably my favorite holiday out of all these, just because it gives me another excuse to stuff my face with chocolate cake. Check Pinterest for something extra delicious to spice it up.


January 28: National Kazoo Day

These plastic instruments may not be well known, but take the day to educate yourself or someone else. You might end up being a pro at it!


January 29: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

This is a tie for my favorite holiday, because we can resist popping bubble wrap? Relax with a small square, or completely unwind with a whole roll!


January 30: Croissant Day

Warm, flaky and delicious croissants definitely deserve their own day! I will gladly indulge in a chocolate croissant from Starbucks to brighten my day.


January 31: Backwards Day

Another holiday you probably never knew the real date to. Wear your clothes backwards, write your sentences backwards, or walk backwards; it'll be worth the silly looks you get!


If you don't want to celebrate these, feel free to start your own silly holidays! Share it with us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for a possibility to be featured in a follow-up post!