30 Real Holidays to Celebrate in September

September is upon us, and that means everyone is already getting excited for the next few holiday-filled months. Stores have out Halloween decorations, along with later holidays, to get people in the mood for fall and winter. But for September, most people only celebrate Labor Day. In doing so, you miss out on all the other opportunities to get together with those you love to enjoy a new holiday and possibly make a tradition to pass on to later generations.


Friday, September 1 - No Rhyme or Reason Day

This holiday is for the idiom "no rhyme or reason," which is when something occurs without any purpose or explanation. It was made famous by Shakespeare in his plays "Comedy of Errors" and "As You Like It." Enjoy those surprise moments throughout your day, and maybe surprise somebody for no rhyme or reason this day.


Saturday, September 2 - International Bacon Day

The Saturday before Labor Day is always International Bacon Day, so the date changes around. It falls on the first Auburn football Saturday, so add some bacon to your tailgate menus to celebrate!


Sunday, September 3 - Skyscraper Day

The holiday, which has unknown origins, encourages people to learn more about the science and art of building skyscrapers. Whether you're from a big city or a small one, skyscrapers are fascinating to look at. Use this day to learn more about the science, art, and architecture of them.


Monday, September 4 - Eat and Extra Dessert Day

Not only is this day Labor Day, but it's a day to eat more dessert than you typically would. So when you're at your family party, pick up that second plate of dessert and enjoy your dessert coma before school kicks back in.


Tuesday, September 5 - Be Late For Something Day

This holiday was supposedly created by the Procrastinators' Club of America as a way to get a break from busy schedules. Enjoy this day by being late to something, just hopefully not classes!

Wednesday, September 6 - Read a Book Day

Grab your favorite novel off the shelf, make a cup of tea, and snuggle up with a warm blanket for this holiday! Though it isn’t an official holiday, this is a great reason to chill out from studying for a bit and read something you're not required to.


Thursday, September 7 - Salami Day

Salami is a spicy Italian sausage that pairs well with wine and cheese. Invite some friends over to share a deli platter or just stop on by a sandwich shop and pick up your own salami treat.

Friday, September 8 - Pardon Day

It is assumed that this day was created in 1974 when President Gerald Ford pardoned former President Nixon for his involvement in the Watergate Scandal. While you probably won't have to make a pardon of that scale, forgive that friend of yours who's always late or who still hasn't returned that tank top from last month.


Saturday, September 9 - Teddy Bear Day

Teddy bears were your first cuddle buddy before your S.O. or roommates, so show them some love today. After all, they were the ultimate protectors from the monsters in your closet!


Sunday, September 10 - National Grandparent's Day

In 1878, President Jimmy Carter declared that National Grandparent's Day should be the first Sunday after Labor Day. Take some time from your lazy Sunday afternoon to give your sweet grandparent's a call for all the cookies and hugs you receive on visits.

Monday, September 11 - Make Your Bed Day

On mornings when you're running late to class and barely have time to get coffee, making your bed is the least of your priorities. Take some extra time today to straighten the covers and fluff out those pillows, it will be less stressful to come back to a tidy bed.


Tuesday, September 12 - Chocolate Milkshake Day

Stock up on some ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream from Walmart for this holiday, or you can stop by Sonic on the way home to avoid the hassle. Either way, don’t miss out on this sweet treat day!


Wednesday, September 13 - Roald Dahl Day

This holiday is held on the anniversary of his birthday in 1916. It celebrates all the books and characters the wonderful storyteller gave to us in his lifetime, so head to the bookstore to reminisce about your childhood.


Thursday, September 14 - Hug Your Hound Day

Ami Moore, a canine behaviorist, started this holiday to influence owners to focus on their pup's health, safety and happiness while also celebrating the bond between a dog and their human. Give your pooch a big hug on this day, or every day honestly.


Friday, September 15 - Make a Hat Day

Take out your arts and crafts box for this day or head on over to Hobby Lobby for your supplies. Challenge your friends to a contest for the best hat, then wear them out to dinner to spread some silliness.


Saturday, September 16 - Guacamole Day

Everyone knows a party isn't complete without chips and dip, so trade in your salsa and queso for this avocado side. Serve it at your tailgate since it's Auburn's homecoming game!


Sunday, September 17 - International Country Music Day

Started in 2003, this holiday aims to bring country music fans together and promote this genre and the artists. Crank up some Luke Bryan and shake it at a living room dance party with your roommates!


Monday, September 18 - Rice Krispie Treat Day

Monday's can really suck, but they don’t have to when it involves dessert! Treat yourself and your friends to this yummy and quick sweet delight.


Tuesday, September 19 - International Talk Like a Pirate Day

This holiday was originally created by John Baur ("Ol' Chumbucket") and Mark Summers ("Cap'n Slappy") on June 6, 1995, but they moved the date to pay respect to D-Day. Do your Halloween shopping early and pick up an eye patch and fake parrot (bonus points if it's a real parrot).


Wednesday, September 20 - National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Call up your favorite pizza place for dinner tonight! Grab a large pepperoni pizza to share with your friends, or to have leftovers for yourself the rest of the week.


Thursday, September 21 - Miniature Golf Day

We may not have a mini golf place near Auburn, but what better excuse for a mini road trip than mini golf? Head on over to Columbus, GA for your putt-putt needs.


Friday, September 22 - Hobbit Day

Fans of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, time to celebrate the weekend by watching all the movies back to back. This holiday, started in 1978, is to celebrate the birthdate of 2 of J.R.R. Tolkien's main characters, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.


Saturday, September 23 - Checkers Day/Dogs in Politics Day

In 1952, Richard Nixon gave a speech to the public saying that he did not use any campaign contribution money for personal use. He also stated that his daughters received a dog, named Checkers, as a gift. This speech is known as the "Checkers" speech, which is why today is also Dogs in Politics Day.


Sunday, September 24 - National Punctuation Day

Jeff Rubin, a professional public speaker, launched this holiday in 2004 to spread awareness and educate people on proper punctuation. If you're a grammar nerd, today is your day to correct the grammar of your friends and (hopefully) not get called out on it!


Monday, September 25 - Comic Book Day

Relax with a comic book this afternoon to forget that it's only Monday in the real world. If you don’t have any, borrow some from your favorite comic book nerd or head on over to the book store to check out their selection.


Tuesday, September 26 - Love Note Day

Whether that special someone in your life is your S.O., your pet, or yourself, a little note or appreciation today would be thoughtful. Whether it's a text, spoken, or handwritten, it's the thought that counts.


Wednesday, September 27 - Crush a Can Day

Take out all your frustrations from the week on a can of whatever drink you like. It's both environmentally friendly and completely satisfying all at once.


Thursday, September 28 - Ask a Stupid Question Day

This holiday encourages students to ask questions and be curious in the classroom. So go ahead, ask your professor that "dumb" question, you'll probably discover something new and beneficial.


Friday, September 29 - Confucius Day

Confucius was a philosopher, teacher, scholar, and a politician from China whose ideas led to what we refer to as Confucianism. Spend your Friday night at home with some of his teachings and see what you can learn.


Saturday, September 30 - Astronomy Day

Celebrate the last Saturday of the month by laying out under the stars and looking for celestial beauties. This holiday is celebrated on the Saturday closest to the quarter moon between September and October, but is also celebrated in the spring.