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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Auburn chapter.

During my time writing for the style blog I’ve seen dozens of accesories and in many cases, the pieces were merely selected to accompany the day’s ensemble. This week I was much more interested in the details of the outfit posts and decided to feature the jewelry that these ladies never take off or leave the home without. 

1 & 2: Abby Hinson – Abby wears a simple chain with three distinct and meaningful charms: an “A” charm from her mother, a hamsa from her best friend, and a sailboat from her boyfriend in memory of her times at Cuttyhunk Island and her love of sailing. 

3: Camille Ponseti – Camille received this delicate horseshoe necklace as a graduation gift and it serves as a reminder of everything she experienced and endured in high school. 

4: Heather Kennedy – As if the finger wasn’t a dead giveaway, Heather is rarely seen with out her gorgeous engagement ring (congratulations!)