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Who: Senior Megan Crowe – Apparel Design

Her Inspiration: 

“Stevie Nicks is my biggest fashion inspiration, as well as Shel Silverstein, both his work and style.”

In addition to her favorite icons, Crowe’s style is influenced by the nostalgic, incorporating retro elements and pieces from her childhood in her wardrobe. Drawing from bygone eras, she admires Stevie Nick’s 70’s style and “The Twilight Zone” (especially the midcentury show’s suave narrator Rod Serling). As for her childhood, 2001 sticks out in particular, a year holding the promise of a new millennium as well as boasting a cast of characters like Britney Spears, the boys of *NSYNC, and “Xenon: Girl of the 21st Century”. Despite her breezy and floral-clad appearance, Crowe opts to wear something different everyday. 

“I enjoy every type of style, Vans one day, flannel and jeans the next. I’m everywhere.”

AMDA & Soirée

Crowe is also working on Auburn’s Apparel Merchandising and Design Association’s fashion event, Soirée.

The show takes place this Thursday (March 27th) at 7:30 p.m. in the Auburn Arena.

Dress: Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses: Pre to Post Modern – Nashville 

Shoes: Sam Etelman

Necklace: New Orleans

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