Seven Things Only People who are Obsessed with To-Do Lists will Understand

For any collegiette who has a running to-do list (or more like twenty five lists of everything imaginable), you have a support group out there. We understand that you are such a baller at life and gettin’ it done that you have to stay thoroughly organized and detailed, and that comes in the form of making a list and checking it twice (or fifty times).

1) Making a to-do list for tomorrow is on today’s to-do list.

I’m scheduled to write mine tonight from 8 to 9. Yes, of course, it takes that long.


2) Freaking out if you don’t have a list made.


But if you realize that you forgot to put something important on the list you have a freak out again, and now you're paranoid you forgot to add something else to the list!


3) Spontaneity is not a real thing. You have to stick the list you made for the day.

Birthday, Fun Day!1-2: Eat a cupcake, 2-3: Go for a hike, 4-5: Take a shower, 5-6: Eat dinner, 6-7: Make out with BF, 7-10: Hang out with friends, 10-11: Wash dishes

Crazy fun agenda, am I right?!


4) Feeling guilty if there is an hour of the day that isn’t planned.


See number two for next step.


5) Writing a list for everything. Ever.

Why not have a movie list, bucket list, goals list, school schedule, work schedule, grocery list, I-want-it list, and to-do list?


6) Sub -lists are pure genius.

(The list within a list.)


7) Rocking the chemistry test, fitness regime, and extracurricular activities all in one day is the norm.

You do whatever it takes to make it work. 


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