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Seth Alford: The Man Behind The Football Players

Auburn University just can’t seem to get rid of Seth Alford.

The class of 2017 graduate majored in information systems management with a minor in marketing in the Harbert School of Business. During undergrad, he served as player personnel student assistant for the football team. With that experience under his belt, following graduation, Alford accepted an official position as player personnel assistant for the Auburn Tigers football team.


2012– Accepted to Auburn University

2013– Freshman at Auburn University

2017– Graduated from Auburn University

2017– Accepted position as player personnel assistant

Because he grew up an Auburn fan, the university was his number one choice for higher education. “I can’t imagine my college years anywhere else,” he said. “It’s a place that has felt like home from the very first time I ever visited.”

Alford and his family aren’t your average Auburn fans. “If it’s game day in Jordan-Hare, my family’s setting up our tailgate,” he said. “My dad will come down on a Friday to sit in our spot to save it.”

The Alfords have been hosting family, friends and fellow Auburn fans at their tailgate for over 15 years. “It’s just kind of a known thing with my friends,” he said. “We’ll be together on a Friday night, and when we leave everyone just knows to meet at the tailgate on Saturday.”

Alford had to sacrifice tailgating this season due to the demands of his job. “It was tough missing out on those this year, but I’m grateful for the experiences I’m getting through work,” he said.

Working directly with the Tigers and prospective recruits this year has brought Alford many unique and hands-on responsibilities. He was able to delve into what goes on behind the scenes of a game day in Jordan-Hare Stadium. “It’s neat being able to see and be a part of all the hard work that goes into the team,” he said.

This season’s 10-3 record is no doubt a by-product of a cohesive team. However, there is always someone who stands out above the rest. “This year we saw a lot of the players progress and steal the spotlight. Kerryon Johnson is one in particular,” said Alford. “He really progressed with his ability in picking up blitzes and pass protection. Although he has always been a very patient runner, he also got a lot better with his vision and letting plays develop.”

The player personnel assistant team works hard to make recruits understand why they belong at Auburn. Alford spoke about the process coming full circle. “We have a commit that is coming in this year that came to a camp this summer. I got to meet him and his family before the camp started because they had a couple questions,” Alford said. “He had a good camp, got an offer and committed all that day. So, it was really cool to be there and see that all happen so quickly and him get to realize what he had worked for.”

It’s not always an easy task when a player has many schools vying for them. “At the end of the day, Auburn and the Auburn Family speaks for itself. Most of the time recruits feel that pull if it’s the right fit,” said Alford.

“I remember one time this year, though, we had a top recruit visiting. The whole team was on our toes during his visit. We pulled out all the stops: A chauffeur, a nice dinner and lodging at The Auburn Hotel. Unfortunately, in the end, he chose another school,” he said.

As the season comes to an end, Alford recounts one of his favorite moments. “It was an exciting year for the team, and it was neat to be on the sidelines during the games,” he said. “My favorite game had to be the Iron Bowl. The energy in the stadium was crazy, and it was awesome to be on the field and see fans rush the field.”

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