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Review: Andy Grammer takes on Auburn

The campus social scene can be a tough sell during the football off-season, but Auburn University’s Tiger Nights had a big hit with the concert on April 4th. Andy Grammer performed on stage in the greenspace outside the Student Center from 7:00 pm to 12:00 am, with plenty of time leading up to him actually performing. In the meantime, students could enjoy local favorite The Other Brothers, winner of 2013 Auburn Battle of the Bands and well-known around the area for their somehow chill yet energetic, Mumford and Sons-style sound. 

Students enjoyed free food and handouts at the event. Handing out free blankets for the first fifty patrons was well thought-out for an outdoor concert since spectators were seated across the grass for the majority of the show. For dinner students chose among Moe’s Southwest Grill, Angel’s Wings, and pizza, but for dessert the menu became more creative. Besides funnel cake and cotton candy, a free waffle-on-a-stick bar was also available, with a variety of syrup flavors and types of chocolate and peanut butter chips. From personal experience, I can say that they need to keep the waffle-stick option around at the next concert.

When at last he performed, Andy was on-point. He kept the crowd entertained with brief, humorous stories about domestic life (apparently his wife takes an insubordinate amount of time to get ready for things). He also introduced his bandmates quite a lot, which was very distracting, as both of the bass players were quite handsome. 

Andy Grammer chose a good set, alternating between covers and original songs, as one would expect, saving his big hit “Keep Your Head Up” for the end. As with any good concert, a group of Brazilian Auburn students made their case known by sitting on each others’ shoulders with signs until Andy said into the microphone, “Hi, Brazil”. At some point Andy crowd-surfed, and I didn’t even hold him up, instead just ended up grabbing his behind as he passed over me. Long story short, Andy Grammer is a musician who is worth seeing in concert, and, if anyone was concerned, is not skimping on his lower-body workout. 

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