Remembering Snowpocalypse (and Making Any Day a Snowday)

 Auburn students seek to keep the memory alive this spring, but first, what exactly was Snowpocalypse?

“Snowpocalypse” is the name Auburn University students coined for our unprecedented yet completely underwhelming series of winter storms so far in 2014. One would expect a Snow Apocalypse to look like this:

Or maybe this:

In Auburn it was closer to this:

Okay, seriously, something like this:

That certainly doesn't look like something that would prohibit students from going to school, yet as of February 16, Auburn University has already been let out for four snow days, though the total snow on any given day never exceeded two inches. On February 13, school was let out without ground-snow in sight. Students could be seen sledding down icy hills and using several square feet of ground coverage to make one measely snowball. 

How can we keep these fond memories alive? How can we remember that feeling of suddenly having no homework and all our tests moved back? The only logical option is to make any day a snowday. 

The first step to making any day a snow day is to buy bread and milk. Seriously, you need some, right? Even if you don't, if you want the authentic snow day experience despite the heat, take care of your necessities. The great thing about snow days is relieving stress, and taking a moment to get those little things you need is the perfect way to start your stress relief (and the silliness of buying extra bread will probably put you in a good mood).

While you're at the store for your staples, you might as well pick up a cooling face mask and some cucumbers to slice, because the second step for your any-day snow-day is to pamper yourself

Next, drag your new, fresh complexion into the kitchen and make some hot cocoa with marshmallows. Even better, make yourself a proper dinner on the stove. If you live in a dorm, invite yourself over to a friend's apartment and make dinner together. Taking the time to relax and eat a good meal will put you in an instant snowday mood.

Lastly, go outside. Go for a walk or run outdoors. Drag a friend out onto the campus lawns to study. At least at Auburn, people never seem to spend so much freetime outside as when there is snow, but why wait until next year? If the students at Auburn could have four days of fun this winter with just a sprinkling of snow, any day can be a snowday.