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Recap of War Damn Coffee Jam with University Program Council’s Erin Kelly

This past Thursday, October 19, University Program Council held their annual War Damn Coffee Jam on Samford Lawn. I sat down with a member of UPC, Erin Kelly, to discuss the event and all that this on-campus organization does. Erin is a sophomore studying Public Relations with a minor in Leadership. She has been involved with UPC since the beginning of her time here at Auburn. She is also involved in other ways on-campus as a member of a Panhellenic sorority, and as a special events student worker for the Office of the President.

  • How long have you been involved in UPC and what originally interested you in getting involved in this organization?

“I applied for UPC last August, getting the original position of a committee member. After a year on UPC, I am now the assistant director of the Tiger Nights committee. I was attracted to UPC because I did event planning in high school.”

  • What is the Tiger Nights committee?

“Tiger Nights plans the big events on-campus, with attractions, food, and more—all free to students.”

  • What is your role as assistant director of Tiger Nights?

“I’m in charge of delegating tasks to our committee members and doing administrative work in the process of planning an event.”

  • Tell me about this year’s War Damn Coffee Jam.

“It’s an annual event in the fall that serves for students to have a chill, relaxing night with free food and entertainment. Tiger Nights specifically ordered and managed the food that was at the event, and prepped for advertising and promotion on-campus. We paired up with the Special Projects and Fine Arts committees. Fine Arts was in charge of getting all of the artists that performed. Special Projects was head of the whole event. They oversaw all of the work Tiger Nights and Fine Arts was doing, got the photo booth, and were in charge of logistics and the day-of schedule. We beat last year’s turnout in 10 minutes. Over 500 people attended. Next year, we are really hoping that it grows even bigger than it was this year.”

  • What makes War Damn Coffee Jam unique to other events on-campus?

“Everything we did was specific to the Auburn area. All of our food was catered from Auburn—Auburn Popcorn Company, University Donut Company, and Mama Mocha’s Coffee. Besides artist Faye Webster, the other performers were all Auburn students.”

  • How has UPC helped you in other aspects while here in college?

“It has truly prepared me for the real world, because I get to work with other people and strengthen my communication skills, as well as work on projects that I am passionate about.”

  • How would you describe UPC to someone who knows nothing about it?

“It’s a group of students who are passionate about event planning, and plan free on-campus events for all students.”

  • Describe the relationships you have made through UPC?

“Two words: best friends.”

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