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Planning the Perfect Galentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day creeping ever closer, I’ve found it harder to resist the ever-present urge to justify eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and have a single viewing party of Bridget Jones’ Diary. What’s a single lady like me to do? Take a page from the Leslie Knope Handbook and set my sights on planning a fabulous Galentine’s outing.

While I’ve emphasized my singleness, Galentine’s Day shouldn’t be reserved only for those missing a beau but should be available for your sisters with misters who could be looking for some much-needed girl time.

The real difficulty comes from turning the fact that you’re single into something to be appreciated and not an aspect of your life that’s somehow lacking. Enjoy this time of independence! I’ll be steering this article away from frozen yogurt and sappy movies (but if that’s how you want to celebrate, you do you girl).

When planning for a party like this, I tend to turn from binge-y items and focus on food that makes me feel great even after I eat it. Opting for a festive fruit salad or even some heart shaped waffles will add some sweetness without making you feel loaded down with sugar.

The decorations make or break a party. You could DIY your own super cute table cloth and sprinkle lots and lots of glitter to remind everyone to sparkle.

Set the mood with a killer playlist. Spotify has a plethora of girl-power playlists that will keep the party going. I know that I’ll have at least three Hannah Montana jams in the mix.

Something that I plan on having my squad take part in is writing each other valentines. Whether they choose to talk about an inside joke that still makes them giggle or a certain attribute in each other that they really admire, these will be keepsakes that my guests will want to keep. Be sure to have lots of festive cardstock and markers. There is no limit to your creative abilities.

And finally, what would be Galentine’s Day without a nod to founder Leslie Knope? As party favors, I’m putting together small canvases of Leslie’s greatest nicknames (feat. poetic land mermaid and beautiful, rule-breaking moth).

An Auburn freshman with a love for old films and all things Disney.
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