Party Down Under (Getting Personal with Vaginal Health)

The new surge in feminine power is awesome. To be a woman means to endure struggle, triumph over misogyny, and bond in the physical attributes that we have in common. One of those is health. Women's health is often time swept under the rug, but HCAU is here to give you some tips to get to know your kitty.

Last week at Auburn, we hosted a concourse event where we gave out Summer's Eve cleansing cloths. The most common question we received was "Is this for your face?" Yikes! Of course, we had to explain what the cleansing cloths were for but we found that we did not know as much about these cloths or our bodies as we thought we did. So like any good Girl Gang of Journalist, we investigated.


First, cleansing wipes are for EXTERNAL use ONLY! Most wipes do not contain ingredients that help balance the vagina. Unlike other wipes, the Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths are free from dyes and parabens. These are chemicals that may cause infections that will be a lot harder to cure than just using wipes. These wipes are to cleanse odor causing bacteria from around the vaginal area. Sweat and skin-to-clothes-contact may allow a build up bacteria down under, and scented wipes allow you to wipe away those particles and leave the surrounding skin fresh and clean.  The most important thing to remember is that the vagina has its own smell and its own self-cleaning method. The vagina does not need too much extra help! Every girl wants to smell fresh, but "fresh" does not always smell like mangos. Certain scents, mixed with you natural odor can begin to smell different throughout the day, so please pick scents with care.  If you notice a strong, not so pleasant, odor that does not go away after 2-3 days, visit a healthcare professional.


Second, knowing how to wipe is important. I know that for 22 years if someone was to ask me how to wipe I would have to do the motion—which is not appropriate in social settings. The proper way to wipe is front to back. This method prevents urinary tract infections and bacteria from entering the vaginal area.

Lastly, hair under there is not our favorite. Most girls are adamant about shaving or waxing frequently, but hair is there for a reason. Pubic hair is there to trap bacteria and dirt from the vaginal area. If you are a frequent waxer or shaver, using cleansing wipes or outer area cleansing methods are advised because you have less blockage. 

We hope these tips were helpful and that you continue to educate yourself on vaginal health often!