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The Odd and Peculiar

Mash up of the Week
Ice Cream In Its Right Place-Minnesota

I heard this song in a friend’s car the other day and was shocked at how not offended I was to be listening to a song that attempted to show a better side of Radiohead (as if that’s even possible!). However, since the rap song chosen is a somewhat old one, not to mention unimposing, using the back track of ‘Everything in its Right Place’ successfully avoided my complete disdain. Great song for going on a drive!

Interesting Combination of Sounds


From the Foreign Language Department
Golden Baby-Coeur De Pirate

Coeur de Pirate is a Québécoise singer and songwriter who once managed to land a top five successful spot in France for a hit single. While her real name is Beatrice Martin, her vocal style could be compared to that of Regina Spektor’s. At only 18 years old her successes is “très très impressionnant”.

Is Alternative Hip Hop the Correct Term?
Shredding the Balloon-Hilltop Hoods

From their album “Drinking from the Sun,” this track reminds me a lot of the work of Atmosphere or Felt. This Australian band, named after a hilltop where they grew up, has earned many spots on Australia’s “Hottest 100.” If you’re a fan of Atmosphere, or the unique genre in general, they’re worth checking out.

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