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No Impact Week

No Impact Week at Auburn University took place this year from Sunday, March 16th to Sunday, March 23rd as an initiative and reminder to reduce student and faculty’s impact on the environment. The hope for No Impact Week was to promote better lifestyles, from healthy living to international awareness to personal conservation initiatives.

The Auburn University Sustainability Coalition and the College of Liberal Arts Community and Civic Engagement Initiative hosted the week-long challenge, with events each day intended to promote sustainability, according to the schedule as follows:

·         SUNDAY MARCH 16 – Trash 

·         MONDAY MARCH 17 – Transportation 

·         TUESDAY MARCH 18 – Consumption 

·         WEDNESDAY MARCH 19 – Food

·         THURSDAY MARCH 20 – Water

·         FRIDAY MARCH 21 – Energy

·         SATURDAY MARCH 22 – Giving Back

·         SUNDAY MARCH 23 – Eco Sabbath


Trash, Transportation, Consumption

For Trash Day, students were encouraged to visit the Campus Recycling Center. For Transportation Day the focus was on green sources of travel, such as commuting to class on a bicycle. Consumption Day was marked with a Swap Table, where you could exchange old clothes, movies, and other goods for new ones, and a tour around campus called Sustainable Campus-Waste Reduction & Recycling, which was led by Donny Addison.

Food, Water, Energy

Food Day was marked by a speech by Francine Segan, “Italian Chocolate History with Guided Tasting.” Food Day also featured a Sustainable Campus Food Tour. Water Day held a water tour, a water tasting table, and a screening of the film Flow by Irena Salina. Energy Day featured a Sustainable Energy Tour, which highlighted the Cooling Station on campus and new solar panels and electric cars.

Giving Back & Eco Sabbath

Giving Back Day was marked by SGA’s Big Event, where students from different organizations around campus helped to improve the community with volunteer projects, such as fixing up homes for the elderly. Earth Fest 2014 was also held on Giving Back Day.

On Eco Sabbath, everyone was encouraged to relax in a scenic location around campus such as Kiesel Park or the Arboretum. The tranquility of nature reminds us all of the beauty we can do our part to conserve.

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