New Year, Same You

You’ve heard it every year: “New year, new me,” and realize that there is honestly nothing you need to change. And that’s OK! Sometimes you have made all of the right changes or at least have all the right intentions. Here are the most effective changes that were made last year that you should continue in 2016. 


PLEASE, please keep this one going in 2016. Slap a 6 over that 5 and keep smiling at yourself in every mirror you pass! Do that thing with your hair. Wear that trend that you’ve been admiring. Keep                   your crazy ex’s number under the blocked list. Continue to ignore those negative comments about body image. You got to a great place last year, stay there!

Exercise Regularly

Remember how good you felt leaving the gym before you went on Christmas break? Hold on to that feeling. Keep going to the gym, running the track, dancing or whatever made you feel completely healthy. The results you see from all your hard work are totally worth it. Make a bomb playlist with all of your new favorite songs... tell laziness "I'm Sorry" this is not your year!


I found so many good recipes in 2015. Websites like and Food Network’s 30 Minute Meals saved my life, and I will keep allowing them to save me in 2016. All of these meals are college kid cost friendly and are easy to make.

Social Media Cleanse

I decided to get rid of a couple of apps last summer and it was the best thing I ever did. I could focus on more important things, I was not so nosey and my battery life went from 0-100 real quick! Do not let your friends pressure you into downloading the latest and “greatest” app, drop the Nosey Rosie Routine, and let your phone continue to breathe easy.