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Before choosing a college to attend, you spent countless hours deciding which would be the perfect one that went along with your beliefs as well as your degree. Music is the same way. People spend countless hours being surrounded by music; they incorporate it into their everyday lives. Music is unique and different—not everyone is going to enjoy the same band. Even if they do, one’s favorite song maybe different from another’s. Music plays a very important role in many people’s lives… it is a powerful thing. Believe it or not, music has the ability to alter moods, just based on the rhythm or lyrics. 

Here’s a playlist I put together for you lovely readers out there, based on the favorite songs from students around campus.

1. Amber Talesky (Freshman) 

                  Elements- Lidnsey Stirling

2. Rachel Elliot (Senior)

                Hotel California- The Eagles

3. Deonta Brooks (First year Grad student)

                My Way- Frank Sinatra

4. Ashton Newton (Junior)

                Sound of Silence- Disturbed

5. Jackson Sprague (Junior)

               Sweet Child of Mine- Guns and Roses

6. Amber Jackson (Sophomore)

               Goldenheart- Dawn Richard

7. Amelia Cox (Junior)

               Slow Life- OMAM

8. Zachary Hembree ( Junior)

                Lodi- C.C.R

9. Joshua Shirely (Junior)

               Thinking About You- Frank Ocean

10. Tyler Goins (Senior) 

               Don’t Stop Believing- Journey 


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