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Meet Our Sister Chapter

Kristal Mayfield and Kryshonna Sledge are the Campus Correspondents who run our sister chapter, UAB. We can’t wait to get to know these two girls more throughout the semester as we share our goals, accomplishments, and struggles. Today, Kristal and Kryshonna told us a little about themselves. Read on to meet the leaders of our sister chapter!

Kristal Mayfield, shown above, is a senior majoring in Information Systems. After graduation, she plans to go to graduate school and hopes to start her own business someday. She has a wide variety of interests, so “I definitely have a lot of exploring to do before settling down with my “forever job(s),” she says.

Kryshonna Sledge, shown above, is a senior studying marketing. Her future career goals include working at an advertising agency or PR firm. Kryshonna is also the secretary for NAACP and an active member of Women for Political Progress at her university.

When asked to describe something good that has come out of her time with Her Campus, Kristal says that writing for HC has allowed her to explore her interests and talents in ways that she could not have done without HC. “Writing is an outlet, but it also brings people together,” Kristal says, “so for that I definitely appreciate my time being a part of HC UAB.”

Kryshonna likes the connections that HC brings. “Her Campus UAB has allowed me to connect with other women on campus who share the same interests as me, as well as connect with other girl bosses across the nation,” she says.


I also asked each girl what she believes to be one of the biggest problems college women face today. Kryshonna brings up sexual assault. She says,

“Many do not feel comfortable reporting these instances they have.”

And she’s right. Kristal brings up another important issue. She says,

“I think opinions about women in the workforce may be one of the biggest problems we face. From significant others, friends, parents, etc, young women in college know that everyone has something to say. There are a lot of preconceived ideas as to what we should do, pursue, and have interests in. It’s unfortunate that in some fields, we will face discrimination because our “higher ups” believe we are not equipped for the position because of our gender. Even before this presidential election, I heard the theory that a woman cannot be president because we’re too emotional… Like, really?!”

I agree with Kristal—it is hard for society as a whole to shake the preconceived ideas that we have had for centuries. However, the times are changing, and so must our mindsets.

I loved getting to know these beautiful young women. To hear more of their thoughts, read some of the articles that they post to the Her Campus UAB homepage.




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