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Making a Splash with Leah Northcutt!

Maybe not all of our collegiettes know our swim team is nationally ranked and the boys look (really, really, really) good in their speedos, but HC Auburn does! We dove in with Leah Northcutt, president of Tiger Splashers, to find out more about supporting our swimmers.

HC Auburn: What is Tiger Splashers?
Leah:As the official hostesses for the Auburn University Men and Women’s Swimming and Diving teams, we have the privilege of working with National Champions and Olympians. We time at meets, work with the coaching staff and support both teams all year. Not only do we have the privilege of working with our university’s team, we also work closely along side the James E. Martin Aquatics Club staff, assisting them with meets. In our free time we take time off to get to know the team and let the team get to know the Splashers. It is a rewarding organization to be part of!
HC Auburn:Why did you want to get involved in Tiger Splashers?
Leah: I have always been a huge Auburn fan and loved sports, so what could be better than a sports hostess organization?  I chose Tiger Splashers because of their reputation on campus, the friendly girls who were members, and the opportunity to watch and support our nationally ranked swim team.

HC Auburn:What advice would you give other collegiettes about taking on leadershippositions on campus?
Leah: Being a leader to a large organization has been such an incredible learning experience.  I have been very lucky to have a wonderful group of Tiger Splashers to work with this year.  Being in charge can be a lot of work, but it is worth every minute of it!  I would definitely recommend anyone to participate in any kind of campus involvement especially leadership positions.  It is a great opportunity to learn how to work with others as well as learning about yourself.
HC Auburn:What has your experience as president of such a large organization taught you?
Leah: Being president has taught me many things including: patience, time management, organization, and has even helped me with my public speaking. 
HC Auburn:What is your favorite thing about being involved in Tiger Splashers
Leah: I have met some of my best friends in college through this organization, some of the members as well as people on the team, whom I would not know otherwise.  My favorite part of Tiger Splashers is the time I get to spend with them.
HC Auburn:How can others get involved in Tiger Splashers? 
Leah: Anyone enrolled in Auburn is invited to join.  We will hold our next round of interviews in the fall of 2012.  For more information, visit our website at www.auburn.edu/tigerspashers.

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