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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Auburn chapter.

No one knows the struggle of living on Wheat Thins, Ramen, and vodka quite like a collegiette. But what if you could make some fast cash without having to lift a finger (okay maybe a few fingers, but only once)?!? A fellow Auburn student is discovering his path to becoming a millionaire, and as his peers we can take this opportunity to make some cash and pioneer the latest trend.

Parker Owen was sitting in the student xenter one afternoon when he was approached by girl who asked where he bought his laptop cover. Not sure what she was talking about, Parker realized that she was commenting on the painting, made by his dad, that he had wrapped around his laptop to make his own case. Over the next few weeks Parker was approached by several more people asking the same thing–just where did he get his laptop case?

By taking advantage of the blank space on a laptop, Parker saw a new channel for advertising and a way to make a few bucks. Branding the product as Frapz, the new business began marketing to local companies for their support and commitment to the innovative advertising idea. He believed that making a skin that attached to laptops, tablets and phones would promote companies in all the right places. For every 90 days that a student uses their product while eating lunch at Chick-Fil-A, studying for finals in the library and carrying their laptop from class to class, a company is able to advertise across campus with only one student and one advertisement.

Being the first to jump in on the opportunity, Shug’s Bookstore in Auburn designed a skin for students to use. Shug’s pays Frapz a certain amount for every laptop skin that they then sell to carriers (the ones with the skins on their laptops). Being a carrier for a laptop skin means that every 90 days you receive a payment of $50 from Frapz.

Planning to expand within the next two years, Frapz is working to sign contracts with Coca-Cola and many popular brands among college campuses (fingers crossed for some much cuter options). Hoping to become the next big thing, Frapz is starting with the Auburn Family!

By following this link any student can sign up to get on the list for the next shipment of skins to arrive! Help a fellow Auburn family member make his dreams come true and snag some much-needed cash while doing so. 


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