The Magic of Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a natural resource with many medicinal properties. This plant compound has so many benefits ranging from medicine to skin care. If there is one bottle I will never clear from my bathroom cabinet, it is witch hazel. Here are some natural ways that witch hazel will work its magic on your life!


1. Clear Your Skin

Witch Hazel cleans your skin by clearing out dirt and excess oils that clog pores and cause acne. It has astringent properties that dry the acne on your skin. Witch Hazel balances your skin’s oil production, so those with oily skin, this really is magical. I wipe a cotton pad soaked with witch hazel all over my face. I do this twice a day before applying toner. It takes away the redness in my face like no other! I have also noticed a decrease in blackheads!


2. Makeup Remover

I use witch hazel to remove makeup if I was just wearing powder or BB cream. I like to use oil balms for heavier makeup looks, but witch hazel works great to remove that natural day’s look. Many people will stick to their makeup removing routine and use witch hazel as a toner instead. After removing makeup and washing face, apply witch hazel with a cotton ball to clean, dry skin.


3. Razor Burn Treatment

This is a life saver! I started applying witch hazel after shaving and have had all my little red bumps go away. I have really sensitive skin so shaving always ends in razor burns. Use witch hazel generously wherever you shave and watch those painful, red bumps disappear! The same goes for waxing. If you prefer to get waxed, you can apply it the same way you do after shaving. It is also safe to use in those sensitive areas!


4. Heal Skin Injuries

I have found witch hazel to treat bruises, sunburns, and minor cuts.

Bruises. Witch Hazel can reduce swelling and speed healing, getting rid of those dark painful marks sooner! Its anti-inflammatory properties are excellent injury healers.

Sunburns. This helped my sunburn heal so fast! It reduces the inflammation and swelling and actually moisturizes the skin if you apply after a shower. My sunburn turned to tan after 3 applications for one day! I am fair skinned and burn often, so I like to put the witch hazel in a spray bottle and spray it on my burned skin.

Minor cuts. You can clean scrapes and cuts with witch hazel. I have known people to pour a little on the wound to prevent infection and soothe the area.


5. Treat Cold Sores

Okay, cold sores are actually the worst! I have used witch hazel on a cold sore, and it was gone OVERNIGHT. It calms the inflammation and speeds healing. It also keeps the area of the sore clean and safe from infection. I recommend applying witch hazel to a Q-tip and applying as needed.


With so many uses and skin benefits, witch hazel is found in many skin products and sold as a pure solution. There are two popular brands of pure witch hazel solution and both of which I have tried: Thayers Alcohol-free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera and Dickinson’s Witch Hazel.