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Living Off-Campus: Pros and Cons

For those of you that may be freshmen here at Auburn, or have only lived in the dorms so far, I’ve put together a list of the pros and (not that many) cons of living off-campus. It may be hard at first since you may be used to being walking distance from your classes, but all you need to do is find a routine that fits your schedule.



  1. One of the cons of living off-campus is being further away from campus. It’s not as easy to get to campus unless you have a car, a good parking permit, or can take the transit. All you need to do is figure out what works for you and your routine.

  2. When you aren’t on campus, you no longer have as much money on your Tiger Card. This means more grocery shopping and managing how much you eat on campus.

  3. Another con of being off-campus is having to leave earlier for class. It’s not as easy to roll out of bed and walk five minutes to class when you have to plan to catch a transit or find a parking spot.



  1. The main pro of living off-campus is having your own space. You get your own room and bathroom, and have the freedom to decorate your area however you like.

  2. If you don’t live alone and have roommates, it is probably easier to live with roommates in an apartment rather than a cramped dorm where you have no space. You can live with people you know or put a profile up on the Auburn off-camping housing website. There you can match with other people and find others to live with.

  3. Another great thing about living in an apartment is the amenities. Some apartment complexes have a pool and a gym, but a great amenity to have is an in unit washer and dryer. It’s definitely better than having to pay to wash your clothes every week.

  4. Depending on where you live, it may be cheaper to live off-campus than in a dorm. There is a wide range of places to live here in Auburn, and a lot of these places are a bit on the pricey side. But, there are also a lot of places that have a lower rent and are still really nice.

Sarrah Shew is a pre-graphic design major at Auburn University.
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