A Letter To My Best Friend On Valentine's Day

To my beautiful best friend,

PSA: This will get cheesy, more cheese filled than the bottom shelf of our mini-fridge.

Too often, us girls focus solely on the love we project onto our boyfriends and don't take the time to show and express our love to our main girls that have been by our side through EVERYTHING (in this case, 12 years of being my right hand, my go to).

So this Valentine’s Day, I’m throwing my love to you. Because girly, you so deserve it. I want to tell you, my best friend, how much I cherish our friendship and our sisterhood.

You are the ultimate love of my life. When the boys that have come and gone left me heartbroken, you were my first call. Even though we were separated by 442 miles for years, I knew you were there for me always. You always remained a constant unlike those big dummies we call boys; for that I am beyond grateful. You have been there for me in situations when my family could not be; for that I am beyond grateful. You have been my rock, and so much more; for that I am beyond grateful.

My love this Valentine’s Day goes out to you, my sister, because you do not receive it enough from me. We chose to live together at the most wonderful school on the plains and yet, even though I start and end my day by seeing your beautiful face, I’ll never get enough of you. In spite of the fact that we have learned our major differences and similarities during this time, we play off of each others’ personalities to create a dynamic that is unique to us. THE dynamic duo.

Thank you for all the midnight cries and laughs over stupid Twitter posts, our hilarious Musically videos, and memories we reminisce over and over time and time again. Thank you for being in love with La Croix and always helping me keep our bin stocked with it. And if it gets too low, might as well alert the police because of how fast we’re going to drive to Kroger to get it stocked back up. Thank you for all the advice, both solicited and unsolicited. Thank you for telling me what I need to hear, even when it isn’t what I want to hear. Thank you for the ridiculously silly pictures from the years of Photobooth to Snapchat. Thank you for the stupid inside jokes (GOME!!). Thank you for laughing with me and laughing at me. Thank you for the endless memories that will never ever be forgotten.

More than anything, I want you to know that I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. You are the family I get to choose, the one I go to when I have nowhere else to turn. You have picked me up off the ground, tidied me up, and kissed my wounds more times than I can count, and I will never be able to thank you enough for that, but I sure am going to try endlessly. You are the one I know I can always run to, whether we saw each other yesterday or haven’t seen each other in a year. Even if it means hopping on a plane to get to you. You have played a huge part in molding who I am as a person, and I am so grateful for having such an amazing person affecting my life in such a positive way.

With all my love,



Now that you’ve read this, I hope you feel it in your own heart to pour your love onto your own galentines. They deserve it, I promise. xoxo.