Know Yourself

Like Champagne Papi said, “Know yourself, know your worth.” Yess girl, that’s what we are talking about today. Unfortunately, we aren’t taking about 6 God, but what he said was important. For the betterment of ourselves, we must know ourselves and what we are worth. This is not necessarily directed to relationships- but healthy minds, and healthy bodies too.

When knowing ourselves, we need to understand our specific minds and bodies. Now that we are big girls in college, it’s important to know when something is wrong with you. This goes beyond simply recognizing differences with you. You could easily ignore those changes and “keep it movin” OR you could inquire.

By inquiring I mean, researching to get an idea of what might be wrong. Girlll I KNOW WebMD loveess to tell you’re dying every time you have a simple concern. Inquiring also comes from asking friends or even your mom. Ask friends if they’ve had similar experiences. Just because your friend says, “Yeah girl! That happened to me!” This does NOT put you in the clear. Ever woman’s body is different and everyone does not have the same reactions. Don’t stop there. If whatever you’re worried about lasts longer than a week doesn’t just go with it, ask a semi-expert… MOM! Believe it or not, our moms know a lot more than we think they do and most likely they can give you tips and advice. Sometimes, even our mom’s answers aren’t enough. As much as we want her to be our doctor, our dentist, our encyclopedia, and our chef, unfortunately there is no degree in “Momming.” At that point it’s probably time to consider speaking to a doctor. It can sound scary but 9 times out of 10, you’re not dying!!

Knowing yourself goes further than knowing your health. Know your limits. Know how you think. All of these things that you are learning are what blossom you into the fine lady you’re becoming. Knowing yourself if not something you can study and master overnight. It takes time to fully know everything about you. How you operate, how you like to live, how you interact with people are all things that you are figuring out every day.

When I say know your worth, know the value of yourself; especially when interacting with other people. Sometimes when we are talking to friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, employees, and employers, people tend to begin talking to you in a way that you do not find acceptable. Knowing your worth increases your self-esteem and confidence so that you know how to react and respond in certain situations. What do you tolerate and what do you ticks you off?

You are equal with everyone you react with, (EXCEPT MOM AND DAD). You know the difference you make by gracing people your conversations and presence. “You is important.”